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Application Gallery

See what other people have been building off Plings data and applications to send us data in the Application Gallery.

Developer Tools

The following applications have their source code available:

A bit dated

  • Webplings - a Free Software project to visualise Plings data. This powered a Plings site in 2009
  • Webplings - Free Software project written in php. This ran the first Plings sites back in 2008.
  • Simple Plings In - Free Software Project in Rails, still in development, and pretty much abandoned!

Plings Input Scripts

  • CSV2Plings - a set of scripts to turn data in a 'Plings formatted' spreadsheet into the XML required for the Input API HTTP POST Method
  • Scrapers - various scrapers for websites/badly formatted spreadsheets
  • PliCal - a php script that uses phpicalendar to convert ical files into plings XML


new 01/10/09

Yahoo Pipes

More Resources

Data Sets

Code Snippets

We have some little bits of code, functions, snippets, etc that may be of use and save you a bit of time. These are collected in the Code Snippets section.

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