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The Plings wiki is a place for anyone interested in developing applications using Plings data via our APIs.

The Plings project takes data about activities for young people, aggregates, filters, enhances and then republishes it.

Developers can

  • use the Plings Output API to interrogate and use the data for their own purposes
  • Build applications to display and visualise the data
  • Build tools to supply activity data via the Plings Input API

Data In Data Out

Getting Data In

API Keys You'll need an API key to work with the data. Find out how to get one.
Plings Input API API reference for supplying data to Plings, including code snippets (see Example Code HTTP POST, Example Code SOAP).
Spreadsheet -- Spreadsheet template for collecting plings data.
Pling-o-matic -- Our tool to convert FIDy records to Plings.
Plings to InDesign

Getting Data Out

API Keys You'll need an API key to work with the data. Find out how to get one.
Plings Output API How to use Plings data for your own purposes. Full API documentation and links to Free Software projects using the API.


Building an Application?

Developer Resources - A collection of code and datasets to help you build your application. Quick links:
Application Gallery - see what other people have building.

Project Resources

Plings Brand Guidelines -- If you wish to use Plings branding these are the guidelines.
Plings Graphics -- High quality Plings Graphics for use in your applications.(
Boredometer - An application for use in Bebo and Facebook

R&D things we are working on

Generic Activity Descriptions -- generic descriptions of popular positive activities.
Plingback -- notes about the PlingBack project.
Ontology_Mapping -- notes around RDFa data and Plings.
Facebook_FBML_Tab -- Facebook FBML safety tab for Fan Pages.
Facebook_FBML_Tab_Search -- Facebook FBML for Plings Search on Facebook Fan Page

Do More


Community - We run a Google Group for developers
Developer FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.

Essential Information

Contact Us - Plings is headed up by Substance, contact details here.
API Releases - details of changes to the API, and any plans we may be considering.


Research - As part of the Plings project we have commissioned and carried out key research: including research into
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